10 Church Safety Questions You Should Be Asking…

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There are some questions that those of us in church leadership should be asking ourselves.

We live in a dangerous world. Yes, it’s unfortunate that as shepherds, we must help in protecting our flock from physical danger, in addition to guarding from spiritual wolves. However, it is a side effect of the fallen world we live in. Here are ten questions you should be asking and answering about church safety in your congregation:

1) Is there an evacuation/shelter in place plan for “Active Shooter”?

2) Does leadership know who the regular attenders and leaders are that have Concealed Carry license? How can this information be used to help form a solid plan?

3) What is the process for background checks for Children’s and Youth Workers? Is it followed EVERY time?

4) Who within the church has CPR/First Aid and/or Acute Trauma training?

5) Is there an AED/Defib unit on-site? If not, how long will it take to get one to your church in emergency?

6) How are allergy notices distributed, recorded, and followed in the Children’s and youth department?

7) What is the reporting chain for suspected signs of child abuse or neglect?

8) Who is in charge of checking smoke detectors and/or fire alarm systems?

9) What is the process for parents picking up children from children’s ministry programming?

10) This is the big one – Have we reasonably done all we can to help make visiting families feel safe while in in our church? If not, what do we still need to do?

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